Chapter 11

Chapter 11 is similar to a Chapter 13, but there are significant differences.

1) Although individuals can file, Chapter 11 is most commonly used by businesses, and can be filed by corporations. Chapter 13 can only be used by individuals with “regular income.”

2) Chapter 11 can be used where your debts exceed the Chapter 13 limits.

3) Chapter 11 is far more complex, cumbersome, and expensive than Chapter 13, and your creditors have a greater voice — and a vote — than in Chapter 13.

If there is any way to qualify for Chapter 13, we will help you do so, because Chapter 13 is significantly more advantageous than Chapter 11.

If you cannot qualify for Chapter 13, then we will explore whether a Chapter 11 might be appropriate for you.  If we cannot help, we can recommend experienced professionals who can.